Montag, 1. Dezember 2008

Moderne Selbstladegewehre

Die NRA-Zeitschrift "Shooting Illustrated" hat auf ihrer Webseite einen ganz guten Artikel über die Entwicklung der modernen (zivilen) Selbstladegewehre. Der Text kann auch Argumente liefern, wenn wieder einmal besonders begründet werden soll, weshalb man denn so furchtbar "böse" aussehende Waffen bräuchte:

When it comes to the ultimate in accuracy, most people turn to bolt-action rifles. Except for service and action rifle competitions, this is true for almost all other types of target shooting from smallbore to bench rest to 1,000-yard matches. It is also true for most hunting that requires a particularly high level of accuracy, be it long-range varmint hunting, mountain sheep hunting or bean-field deer hunting. Even the world of police and military sniping is dominated by bolt-action rifles.
However, thanks largely to efforts by the military shooting community to field extremely accurate semi-automatic service rifles, we have entered an era where the semi-automatic rifle has become so accurate that it is competing solidly with, and often beating, bolt-actions at their own game. An excellent example demonstrating this newfound dominance occurred at the 2007 National Matches.

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